International cooperation

International cooperation is one of the principal activities for the Institute. Our Institute participates in research support of design and construction of a number of projects abroad. Being members of international research organizations, our specialists actively work in the field of experience exchange with foreign partners.

The Institute incorporates with international research organizations, such as:

VNIIG is the basic organization of the Russian National Committee (RNC) of IAHR, 12 scientists of VNIIG are member of IAHR RNC. Together with IAHR the VNIIG held International Symposium “Hydraulic and Hydrologic Aspects of Reliability and Safety of Hydroengineering Structures” (2002), International Symposium on Ice (2004) and 75-th Annual Meeting of International Commission on Large Dams (June, 2007), International Workshop on Seepage Strength of Dams and Foundations (2009).

4 scientists of VNIIG are members of International Technical Committees of ICOLD, 11 experts are members of RNC on Large Dams, 4 of them are member of Technical Committees of ICOLD.